Walls & Finishes


Subcategory: Backerboard Underlayment

Allura's Fiber Cement Backerboard and Underlayment is perfect for safeguarding kitchens and bathrooms from moisture and water damage.

DAP Inc.

Subcategory: Wall Repair Products

DAP's innovative concrete, drywall, plaster, window and wood repair solutions are perfect for completing permanent repairs on damaged surfaces


Subcategory: Finishing Products, Tools, Wall Repair Products

The FibaTape® family includes a complete range of innovative drywall joint tapes and reinforcing products for both professionals and DIYers.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

Subcategory: Drywall

The DensArmor Plus® family of gypsum interior panels provides superior moisture and mold resistance when compared to traditional paper-faced drywall products. These durable panels can be hung before installing doors and windows in commercial construction, providing benefits far beyond typical gypsum boards.

Subcategory: Gypsum Shaftliners

DensGlass® Shaftliner is the premium 1" gypsum shaftliner in the marketplace.

Subcategory: Sheathing

DensGlass® is the premium gypsum sheathing in the marketplace. It is so weather-resistant that Georgia-Pacific backs it with a 12-Month Weather Exposure Limited Warranty.

Subcategory: Tile Backerboard

DensShield® Tile Backer from Georgia-Pacific is the only tile backer that is engineered to keep moisture out of the wall cavity.

Subcategory: Drywall

ToughRock® gypsum boards include paper-faced gypsum panels for a variety of applications including interior wall, floor and ceiling applications, Type X boards, abuse-resistant boards, veneer plaster base systems, and panels for use in fire-rated assemblies.


Subcategory: Paneling

Homasote decorative panels are ideal for creating bulletin boards or an attractive wall treatment.

Subcategory: Sheathing

Homasote wall sheathing provides insulation, sound abatement and even fire-rating. The products are protected against termites, rot and fungi.

Johns Manville

Subcategory: Tile Backerboard

GoBoard® by Johns Manville is an ultra-lightweight, waterproof and durable tile backer board that is easy to cut and install.


Subcategory: Drywall

Whether finishing off-angles, archways, inside or outside corners, NO-COAT offers a complete drywall corner trim system for every job.

Nudo Products, Inc.

Subcategory: Laminated Wall Panels

From a strong, lightweight design to a decorative, versatile need, Nudo panels are resistant to high-moisture conditions with near limitless design capability.


Subcategory: Drywall

StraitFlex manufactures drywall products that "gets the job done fast and done right."

USG - Drywall

Subcategory: Drywall

ZIP System

Subcategory: Sheathing

The ZIP Sheathing System is a one-of-a-kind structural roof and wall system with a built-in energy-efficient barrier that keeps moisture out and reduces air leakage, while still allowing panels to properly dry.