Drills, Corded and Cordless Buying Guide

Drills, Corded and Cordless

Getting Started

This buying guide will discuss all the important features of corded and cordless drills and offers our top picks with their features and recommendations. Not only do you need a drill for your project, you also need to know about drill bits, depending on the outcome of your project. Don’t know what bits are? We discuss this too

Whether you’re a hobbyist who is going to perform small DIYs around the house or a professional working on something big like building backyards, you should be able to use all features of your drill. Never owed a drill before? This guide is for you, too! There are so many kinds of drills and so many factors to consider that it is necessary to prepare before getting one.

Types of Drills

Main Features of Corded and Cordless Drills

Cost Considerations

Drills can cost anywhere between $50 and $500. However, quality drill will serve you a lifetime and it may be false economy to buy the cheapest option. On the other hand, you don’t need advanced drills with multiple functions if you only do simply DIYs. Thus, always choose a drill that can fit your needs.